What's wrong with the Frappe server?

I’ve been having issues with this server since almost day one of March when I signed up.

Almost every single morning when I go to our website, it’s slow as mollases in winter trying to bring up our sites pages be those simple html or php forum pages. By about 10 or 12 PST they are back running at normal speeds again.

Then for a week or more I’ll get email messages from our forum software telling me that it can’t connect to the mysql database a couple times a day. Then it might go for a week with no messages.

Im really starting to believe that the server is overly crowded and not properly managed with regards to the amount of users and how much processing they are using.

This is getting quite annoying but before I file a formal complain (support request), I’d like to hear from other frappes hosted customers and see if they are having issues with the frappes server too.

Today it culminated in getting 500 server error messages when trying to use our forums which were working fine (but slow) just a minute before, then poof 500 server error even though we didn’t change anything.

Try http://www.dreamhoststatus.com ?

Why don’t you contact support right from your web panel ? Now I often use it if anything wrong with my server.

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I wanted to avoid wasting their time if it’s something to do with my end of things (even though Im pretty sure it’s 99% on their end). Maybe it’s only temporary and someone knows some information on them lessening server loads in the near future etc.

Just didn’t want to waste their time if someone here already knows what’s going on with the service on frappes.

Hm… in that case, you might try join #dreamhost channel at freenode IRC server.


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I’ve had problems on the last 2 servers I’ve been on (welchs and dads) and I’d have to agree with you that the issues you’re experiencing may partially be due to poor, inexperienced administrators (case in point being how poorly managed the mail servers are, but also DreamHost’s lack of doing something about high cpu usage until I’ve reported it). Overly crowded I don’t see so much as an issue at all, though rogue users (consuming too many resources, etc) are definitely a cause behind many of the difficulties not only we as customers experience, but also for administration in their attempts to deal with such users (which is never an easy task).

That said, I strongly recommend you work with support over the issues you’re experiencing. I’ve made sure to include as much information as possible in my emails to support and I’ve emailed them as often as possible when I see something “funky” going on. I’ve been very happy with the responses I’ve had thus far from support, though I’m still considering asking to be moved yet again to another server, as it appears there is something seriously wrong with the ‘dads’ server currently… the few “rogue” users they’ve been trying to deal with aside.

“Bugging” support I don’t think is really an issue - as (in my mind) you’re helping not only yourself, but probably many other users on your server that, like you, feel “bugging” support is a last resort option. Bug the hell out of them I say! :stuck_out_tongue:
They seem to enjoy it (as long as you’re nice about it) at the very least :wink:

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