What's wrong with DreamHost

What’s wrong with DreamHost? I’m having site down issues every single week! Some times even few times per week. DH claims they’ve got 100% uptime. Okm may be in their dreams only, but not in the real life.

After spending a lot of time logging cases, troubleshooting etc I got tried. Seriously tired. How they dare to charge money for such awful service? fair companies refund money for any time service is down.

I’m sorry DH for saying that, but I’ve got no respect for you. A good reputation is hard to win and easy to lose. You just did it.

Yeah, fair enough. I respect the guys working there that do everything they are capable of doing to help, and am always eager to express my gratitude when they fix something that’s broken or update something to make things easier, but as a registrar and hosting provider overall they’ve deteriorated tremendously over the past couple of years.

agreed … I’m not one to justify DH’s last 6 months of growing pains and network barfs … I’ve been here since 2008 and to stand by and watch things fall apart by “script kiddies” endlesslly trying the impossible makes me wonder where DH’s admistrator’s logic resides…

in my opinion, take care of the loyal customer base first !!, dump the one-click install carp quick, and put the “script kiddies” and wannabees on a remote server on some remote desert island.

sorry, … of course I’m preaching to the choir

I’ve been here 11 years and seen a lot of changes. Is there a comparable alternative? My son uses hostgator but it seems he pays more for the ability to online chat with support. When the company was nerd focused it was great in the last few years it’s become marketing focused and that’s when we see adventures like on-click deluxe wordpress installs that install a hackable plugin which provides a trojan horse.

For me the assessment of having more an more trollers coming through with scripts trying to poke around the site and login as site administrators, this seem like a un-met threat that will eventually reduce dreamhost to ashes. in January 2012, over year ago when many, many DH users we compromised by script kiddies, I raised this alarm. The response from DH has been clear: Your on your own. They have made minor changes to search for the most eggegious script kiddies, but they’ve been unwilling to change the business model that they sell a hosting service and require webmasters to maintain their own crap. Actually, I REALLY OK with that, BUT then you need to provide training if your going to market to noobs. Training can come in many ways, but Dreamhost has created what is in my opinion a deadly combination: One Click Wordpress with no one click webmaster.

So noobs graduate from wordpress.com, pile into dream host and get a domain and they are off. The problem is they are missing the barest of minimum competence for what they are embarking on. What’s an IP address? What’s unix? can you explain SSH? Telnet? My favorite: Can you explain why I need so many passwords? I have used the same password for panel, user, wordpress admin etc…

Where is the development of one-click webmaster? Why does OttDV need to develop VPS Memory management apps and not dream host (THANK YOU OTTO!)? Where are DH’s access log processing and error log processing software? Where is .htaccess creation & update software? It’s OK to ask people to perform their own webmaster, just don’t sell and market to complete noobs if that’s your attitude.

My thoughts are that as soon as another company pops up that offers a better service, many people will be jumping ship…just like when Hotmail and Yahoo were the best email accounts until Gmail arrived: no one in their right mind would stay with Hotmail, who was starting to charge for extra storage, while gmail offered TONS of free storage.

Now M$ is scrambling to get people to use their crappy services, while gmail has the market cornered. And Yahoo is some obscure name…

I came here because of the great reviews on Reddit, but after a year, I’m very disappointed. I use the website uptime tracker uptimerobot.com, and found that all my sites on Dreamhost had less than 99.9% up time this past year. One site has barely over 99.5%. Even when the sites are up, they’re loading slowly. I know I’m not paying for their premium plans, but I have used shared hosting services from other companies before Dreamhost at similar pricing, and haven’t had that much down time. I decided to vote with my dollars and am in the process of moving everything away from Dreamhost.

I am happy with them

The biggest problem is a messy Web Panel. It has too many menus and sub-menus and isn’t great to use. They should re-design that from scratch. And probably perform a review of all the ‘Goodies’. One-Click installs are fine, but need excellent support. There used to be detailed emails about setting up and configuring the installs when you installed one.

Possibly hiring someone to work full time to ensure the Wiki and Forum has proper info and support on these scripts – and someone else to revamp with Panel layout.

Otherwise I am happy and don’t notice much downtime (or any).

Ok. So was thinking of moving my blog over to dreamhost from my current webhosting company, bluehost, with whom I’ve experienced problems with down time and performance (they’re not the quickest).

Reading through some of the posts here I’m noticing fairly contrasting opinions as it relates how Dreamhost does on that score.

Would love to get everyone’s quick take - i.e. a score out of 10 - on how Dreamhost do in terms of speed (page loading time) and reliability (do the servers go down, and if so, how often?).

I’ve been looking to jumpship from bluehost for a while but was just unsure of the best alternative so any responses, input, and scores would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Although there has been

I’m thinking of moving away one of our site from here, as I just found out things got worse, here.
Are there any good small hosting company (just like Dreamhost of some years ago)?

I’m looking at small orange, lunarpages, etc.
If it doesn’t support php, it’s better. It can be Linux or FreeBSD (not Win hosting).
I don’t want anything owned by mega holding company that buys and ruins small hosting company, either.

Any suggestions?