What's with the new GUI change AGAIN

Open my web mail again, new GUI change that is worse than the last one.
Now you cannot have setup way you want it, three panels that you cannot close and just a straight up piece of @#$@%$.

This renders mail as useless, who was the “wanna be” genius that changed it to this @#$@$?


The documentation on Roundcube indicates you can get rid of the preview pane, but since I can’t did Dreamhost disable that option?


Yeah - I don’t mind the actual UI that much, but the biggest thing for me is losing the little icon that indicated you’ve replied to an email. Without that, and without the ability to add custom flags or labels, it’s gonna be pretty difficult to keep track of my emails…


Y’all can actually see messages? I can’t. (See below) It’s absolutely useless to me. (FWIW, I’ve created a support ticket, but haven’t received a reply yet.)

The login page is almost as bad, but at least I can scroll down below TWO ENORMOUS pictures & see that it’s a login page.


Mine looks like this too toady. I found if I click on the Logo link under Application Tasks that it will open what I think is their new email. Maybe they will fix this soon?

Support finally replied. WEBMAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED!

ALL USERS access their webmail through https://webmail.dreamhost.com/ .

We are NO LONGER supposed to use “webmail.your-domain.com” . Too bad they didn’t think to notify people of that OR to include that info in the images that are displayed on the login page. I bet support is getting bombarded by questions about this today.

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This is what I’m seeing, LOT WASTED SPACE and unchangeable :frowning:


There are no check boxes to “check/select” for deletion, you must also open each email in the right panel to CHOOSE an option, the list goes on like a meatloaf song

you must use CMD/Ctrl click on each one (try that on a tablet or mobile).

The font size is like 400% and the kernelling/offset is so god damn wide you could see it from the moon.

The submenu are is unneeded (inbox/drafts/etc), these should be a dropdown or INSIDE the left most panel (Compose/Mail/etc)

Maybe they forgot that you can even make your own skin, MOST options are DISABLED. It’s also supposed to come with 3 prebuilt Skins, Elastic, Larry, and Classic, so where is the options to choose a Layout let alone Skin?

AGAIN, oh WHY!!!

Got a response from IT ticket, a few pointers, but the overall care factor was in negative territory. What has happened to this company, I’ve been here for over 10 years and happy with everything until this new round of B$

They claim this is a free addon service, sure it may be free addon, but it’s part of WHAT I PAY FOR, this is utter gutter trash and unusable. Maybe that’s their point and want us to move on to another company instead?


Forgot, the most ANNOYING is the part of ALLOW click each email. Oh my friend sends me an email update, “To protect your privacy remote resources have been blocked. Allow”

Seriously, why can’t we flag regular emails as SAFE huh?

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What is should look like

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That’s interesting, the webmail subdomain on my domain is still working for me - just takes me to the new page.

You can get checkboxes back by clicking the “Select” button, then choosing “Selection” from the dropdown. Far from ideal, but a bit better than doing each email individually!

Thanks for the Select tip. I don’t like the workaround, but at least there is one. The preview pane is the biggest issue for me. It’s the first thing I turn off in any email client. There also doesn’t appear to be any way to mark a message as spam. I understand updating, and have no problem learning a new interface, but it seems like it’s lacking some pretty basic features.

Tip is handy thanks, never showed before for me, maybe they added it?

However, you cannot make it show by default, you have to fucking click option each fucking time!!!


The other biggest issue I have is by rolling this out, all my folders and organised structure is GONE

You have to go in and turn them all on to show.

\What else is this company going to fuck up next???

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am i the only one who likes this change ???

Yes! I don’t see any way to reach a white or black list of emails any longer. Does “adding to contacts” really prevent legit emails from ending up in the Spam folder? Because I have my doubts about the effectiveness of it.

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