What's the status of rmagick? RoR

I’m getting “no such file to load – rmagick” after i try any rake command, but a “gem list --local” reveals that rmagick is installed. Any idea what the issue is? I had a similar issue with capistrano, where gem list seems to indicate that it’s installed, but it’s not on the path. are there other rails gems that are listed as installed, but not actually installed?

thanks all-

  • liam

I wish Dreamhost would update their RMagick version… I really want to use crop_resized!

I put in a request for rmagick the other day, I’m not sure what the status is. Maybe when they install it, they might upgrade, but as far as things go on my server (chalmers), it doesn’t seem to exist whatsoever. There’s a gem there somewhere, but I can’t seem to access it. It’s in the list of gems, but when I require it, I get an error.

Hmm… works fine on ‘glass’. I assume it’s working in your local env just fine?

yep, works fine on my laptop. weird.

I received this response from support:

"It’s too new to fit into our security at this point. Rmagick is installed, just an older version:

rmagick (1.10.1)

You should be able to access that one using your scripts."

My question is, how do I access that one from ruby, if I’m getting a “no such file to load – rmagick” as is?

Can’t you simply include rmagick in your apps folders somewhere, like edge rails can be included? If so, you could make sure you always have the right version included with your app.