What's the limit on email recipients

I often send out messages that contain more than some alloted number of recipients. I get a message back, saying something like ‘too many’.

Does anyone know what Dreamhost’s cutoff is? 50 go through, but 100 do not.

Can you be more specific?

Where are you sending the messages from (your home machine? webmail? your hosting machine?)?
What does the exact bounce message you receive say?
Are you using our mail server for outgoing mail?

This doesn’t sound like an error message from any of our machines (though we are planning on imposing certain limits of this sort in certain places in the near future).

thanks, Poohbah.

I’m sending the message from my home computer, a G5, OS 10.3.4, using Entourage (both 2001 and 2004).
I’m using my POP account.

Can’t remember what the message says. I may have to wait until I send out another email to 70 or so addresses.

I’m not sure where the message comes from, whether it’s from Dreamhost, or my ISP (comcast).

I’ll try to report back the next time I see the error.

Check your outgoing mail settings and see if you’re using mail.[yourdomain] or one of comcast’s machines as your outgoing mail server.

thanks, Poohbah.

Yes, I’m using mail.MyDomain.com for the STMP server.