What's the ideal Web hosting plan for classifieds website

What’s the bestimate Web hosting plan for a classifieds website?

That simply can’t be answered from the information provided.

You need to tell us several things, what software or website application will you be using? How much traffic is expected? those are a few that will get us started, but other than that you’ve asked something we simply can’t answer from the question.

FYI - using your email address like that as a username for a site is a really bad idea. Spam bots pick those up and just start filling your inbox with spam.

You can change your user name by accessing the “User CP” User control panel and from the links on the left hand side under ‘Your Profile’ click on the link that reads ‘Change Username’.

In regards to your original question as LakeRat suggested it would depend a lot on the software and even the CMS you are planning on using, however most customers start out with our shared hosting plan and upgrade as their site grows.

‘Shared’ hosting plan is the most affordable and includes everything you need to host your websites. You get unlimited domain hosting, storage & bandwidth, and email accounts.


Our one year prepayment is $119.40 ($9.95/month) includes the 1st year of domain name registration for free. You can also pay month-to-month for $10.95.