Whats the deal?

I’m pretty dissapointed with DH…
Since I registered here I’m having problems, with FTP accounts & files (the most important are the files…).

First of all, my new files had been deleted and my old (deleted) files had been restored. I dont know the reason.

Secondly, three of my FTP users stoped working.
I opened a ticket and the only thing they told me was “It seems that you are trying to connect to xhost.xname.com try with xhost.dreamhost.com

I tryed and nothing…

I’m getting many complains from my users, that where the owners of the FTP accounts. Files that were 60 - 70 MB were deleted and their accounts stopped working.
I dont know what to do, I tryed to explain my users that the problem would be fixed soon but nothing is happening…

What do you recommend me?

They did lose some drives (two at once) in a RAID 5 config last week. That may account for the lost and restored files. Fixing that or changing that is just going to take a re-upload. It happens, just really rarely.

Regarding the users, you’ll have to keep working with support on it. it looks like they have caught up on support requests.

One thing to note: the information you have given to us is insufficient to help us help you out. We don’t need to know the login, but with a bit more info we might be able to check on things from here and help diagnose.


Im on fresca

I was told to log in by:

I did and nothing happend :S

This is the ticket reply:


I checked on our weekly backups, and there’s no record of a "bagre_ad"
username. Is it possible you have another account? I don’t see any record
of it on our system at all.

Also, we don’t have any thing that would revert data back from a
previous day, so I’m not sure why you’re seeing that. Just to make sure,
please change your ftp login password, and also your web ID login
password as well.

Sorry about the problems! If you need anything else, please let us know.


Never mind… too many problems and no answers…

What do I have to do to get the refound?

Lodge a support request via the panel at Support -> Contact Support, be sure to set the Category to Account Status : Ending Service.

For the record; I have never had a user or file go missing since being with DreamHost.


Edit: added the missing ‘never’ word. :blush:

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I’m sorry to hear that! My experience has been entirely different; I have never had a user or file go missing (though I have occasionally mislaid one in another directory/user than I thought I had placed it in.) :wink:


I actually meant to say the opposite of what I typed, somehow a word went missing between my brain and the keyboard.

I blame Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: Thanks for bringing my attention to it. :slight_smile:

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Not to worry, we’ve all done that at one time or another, and blaming Christmas as as good a plan as any :slight_smile: .

Merry Christmas, Mark!


The mysql data is stored on raid5, but his user files would be stored on raid6 and could sustain a dual drive failure without loss of any data. FTP is up and working on fresca, and none of the other users on there are reporting any problems. AnimeDai, what is your domain?, so that I can double check your account. This sounds like somone having trouble learning a new system.