What's the best way to re install a one-click

I’m told that some of the files are missing from my first installation and that I should try reinstalling. Do you delete the first one and then redo or what?

If you’ve had the site for a while, I would back it up manually first. In general though, to make sure you get it working, you should just delete everything then re-install the One-Click. Then you’ll want to point your site to the same database it used before, with the configuration.php files in Joomla (at least it looks like you’re using Joomla, right?). :slight_smile:

My site is new, so I guess I’ll just delete it, Zen cart is the application that didn’t install properly. So I’ll try again. This has been a fight and I really hope I can make this battle pay off in the end. Thanks for responding to my post!

No problem! Hope it works! Please also feel free to chat live with our support team, or submit a ticket if you run into any issues with the One-Click this time around. Thanks!