Whats the best forum system to you?

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I especially like Vanilla and Simple Machines. What about you, and why?


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phpBB – simply because it’s a no-hassle one click install, complete with one-click updates through the panel. Why choose something less easy?


I have most rescently used punbb and enjoied it a lot. It’s a light forum - most of the time I don’t need or want all the extra who’s on-line right now, and birthdays and what not. I also like the fact that you’re automatically forwarded onto the next page (after posting for instance) very quickly - not 15 sec. like phpbb, that’s just too long for me.



Out of curiosity, which of these handle spam the best?


Fixable by editing phpBB’s code. I did that myself since I hate the delay, too.

I never used punbb, but phpBB is only as secure against spam as you make it. Don’t allow guest posts, turn on email verification. You can even install a mod that requires image verification. There isn’t any bugs, I know off, allowing people to by-pass any of these features.


Thanks! Good info.

Any experience with Vanilla or SMF?

Based off your reply, it sounds like most forums can be anti-spam with proper set-up.