What's the annual hosting fee for WordPress theme

I’m total new to WordPress hosting; recently I brought a pay theme as well download a free WordPress theme (I found the free theme as good as the pay one and look better). The pay theme suggested I should hosting with Bluehost entitle to receive the full technical support for setup; especially I’m a new comer. But your hosting free sounds more attractive to me.

What’s the first year annual cost for DreamHost, I’m paying first full year in advance to enjoy the privilege you provide. Any technical support from DreamHost help me for setting up.

What’s the first year charge for to start?

Thank you

If memory serves, a year of hosting is $119.40. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. If you would like know my humble opinion of DreamHost, and why I prefer it to other hosts like bluehost, see the link in my signature.

You can find promo codes that will significantly lower your first year’s hosting cost, then it returns to normal after that.

DH Support isn’t obligated to help users with every little detail of their site, but they often go out of their way to make sure things are working for you. These forums are a big source of support, so if you need help with themes and WordPress, post here and someone will most likely respond pretty quickly.

Thank you so much for the advices.

I read the following lines from DreamHost web front page:
UNLIMITED Storage and Traffic!
100% Uptime Guarantee!
Plus many more features!
All for just $1.95/mo!

So where is this “All for just $1.95/mo!” came from?

There could be a promotion. With normal promo codes, the best deal you can get is $5.95 / mo for 10 year plan. With promo codes, you will get max $50 dollar cash discount.

The “$1.95 a month” bit you’re seeing is one of our promotional plans, which’ll give you hosting at that price for the first year (if I remember correctly).

yep, that was when DH allowed for max $97 cash discount