What's One To Do - When Nobody Knows Where Your Domain is

Two years ago I migrated all my domains to DH, as I couldn’t find a competent hosting co in UK in that price range. Was with 34SP for over 10 yrs, but gave up at that point after waiting for them 3 weeks to resolve some really simple issue keeping my site off line. In 2016 well disenchanted with all hosting co’s in UK, I moved the hosting of all my domains and sites stateside…

DH, gave me their IPS TAG, which was ENOM, and my domains were transferred. All was fine. Until 5 days ago, the email for the domain in question (COKIC.CO.UK) stops receiving email. The domain had hosting on, although it was only used for email. I realise that the domain expired, and DH never sent me the usual warning email. I think nothing of it, but upon attempt at renewal, DH informs me that the domain isn’t under their control!!

What followed were 4 or 5 tickets to DH support, where I each time I describe the above, and each time am told that the domain is not under DH control, and I have to go to whomever has it.

It took them 4 tickets to acknowledge that the tag is ENOM, and me telling them that I transferred all my domains over to them. I’d even told them that I have support emails, where we are discussing what tag I need to use etc, all back from around May 2016…

I don’t think they even bother to read the whole message body…

Needles to say I double-checked with my old hosts, just in case, and they of course just said that the domain is under ENOM whom they don’t use…

I cannot believe that DH can keep telling me the following:

  • DH are adamant that I never transferred the domain to them, ignoring that domain TAG is ENOM, ignoring my claims that I have DH support emails confirming that the domain was transferred to DH n May 2016.
  • DH are ignoring the fact that my domain worked for 2 yrs after moving away from my old hosts and with the ENOM tag, and listed as fully hosted in their CP.
  • DH seem blissfuly unaware of the 2017 ENOM cockup with .co.uk domains (not that I think that mine was in way hijacked) see this link to article in The Register - https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/09/07/enom_security_snafu/

Every time I open a ticket, they duly reply to the effect of: ‘your domain isn’t with us’ and promptly close ticket, so there is no avenue for me to respond.

Every day my domain is down, I am missing really important work related emails, losing money contracts, etc. and it looks from my perspective like the company I entrusted doesn’t give a flying f*ck

Hello Nicolas_Fitzgerald,

We are sorry to hear about your domain situation.
One of our team members should have reached out to you via email. Please reply back to the email if you have any questions.


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