What's my next step?


I paid for the “Crazy Domain Insane” plan, and I registered a domain, but it still reads “no domains hosted” under my account info, and I can’t figure out what to do next–I’d like to start designing, etc. Any advice would be soooo appreciated!!!


Maybe you just need to wait a bit until the new dns information propagates

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Thanks–what is DNS? Does that mean I’ll get an email from DreamHost explaining what I’m supposed to do next?

Sorry, I’m such a neophyte.


DNS can mean either Domain Name System or Domain Name Server, depending on context. When you register a domain to be hosted at DreamHost, the DNS record must point to the DreamHost nameservers. It takes a little while (up to 3 days) for the information in this record to propagate (the process by which the internet “learns” the information).

You should have received a comprehensive “welcome” email from DreamHost as soon as you signed up. It explains how to log into the web server, and other important information. If you didn’t get it, there may have been a problem during the sign-up process.

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Did you register this domain during the sign-up process (your ‘free’ domain), or did you register it later through the panel?

If I recall correctly, domains registered through the panel also need to be added to the DreamHost hosting system via Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain. You would do this after receiving the email telling you that the registration went through successfully.

If you registered the ‘free’ domain during the sign-up process, then this is automatically added to the hosting system.


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This is ALL I got from DreamHost:


This is just an email verification for you that we’ve now added the
new plan (with the name “Birth Matters NYC Hosting Plan”) to your acount #178334
(Asha 's Account) as you just requested via our web panel.

You now have more features available to this account thanks to this plan.
Absolutely nothing related to the actual functioning of your hosting,
email, or domain registrations has changed!

You will be charged for this plan on your next rebill date!

The Happy DreamHost Money-Money-Money Team!


I actually registered the domain name first, then later went back and added a hosting plan. I didn’t get any email from DreamHost telling me what to do next.


Try adding the domain to the DreamHost system using the panel (Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain). It may take a little while for the changes to become active.

This should create a directory in your user directory with the same name as the domain. For example; if your domain is example.com, then the directory will be named example.com. This is the directory you will need to upload your site files to.


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