What's my MySQL "socket" path?

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I’m trying to use a shell script called MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script that runs diagnostics on your database and then suggests recommendations. It’s sitting in my root and when I run it, it says:

that my “mysqld” process can’t be found, saying that if it’s installed at a custom path, I need to insert it into the script’s “socket” variable shown here:

So I log in to the mysql console via ssh, type “show variables”, and find the socket variable:

But then when I try to run the script, it continues to say it can’t find the socket:


I’m new to SSH in general and don’t even know what a socket is. Am I doing something painfully obviously wrong?

There’s only a usable MySQL socket path when MySQL is running on the same machine that you’re connecting from, which is never the case at Dreamhost. Instead, you need to access MySQL using a hostname (psmysql18775.dreamhostps.com in your case).

In this case, though, the point is moot. We’ve already tuned MySQL up appropriately for you, and there’s no way for you to adjust the server variables yourself. (In certain unusual circumstances, the default settings may not be quite right, in which case you can ask Support to tweak them for you. This is rarely necessary, though.)