What's included in VPS Management?

When looking at other VPS options I’ve found pricing lower than DH for non-managed, and then $100/month for comparable Managed services. But DH advertises Managed VPS. So I need to understand what this includes.

I’ve had a DH shared account for over a decade, never had to worry about web server patches, OS or distro app patches, or security. Is this exactly the same in a VPS?

What else does DH Support handle for us behind the scenes? Get out the Marketing people - Now’s your chance to advertise!

Moving from shared space where I’m bouncing off resource limits, there’s no way to effectively monitor my sites - I know I’ve hit my limits when my sites all email me at the same time that they’ve been throttled. Are there any tools available for VPS users so that we can watch the web server for transaction time, queue count (VERY important) or memory usage? I could run “ps” in a cron process but would prefer to have something that DH provides than to move forward like this was the first time anyone has ever done this.

I just want to know when it’s time to upgrade - bouncing visitors with a server error 500 isn’t the preferred way.


You can start by looking at this article: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215280058-Virtual-Private-Server-VPS-overview-

in a nutshell, on DreamHost VPS you get what you get on the shared hosting service, with automatic upgrades of base packages, web server, added security, etc. In addition to shared hosting, you get improved memory and CPU isolation, faster SSD disk, persistent processes, etc.

Monitoring is a different beast. The VPS doesn’t offer specific monitoring tools unfortunately. If you know of any monitoring tool that can be installed without root privileges, please let us know. I’d be happy to test it and write a tutorial on how to install it.

Our VPS dashboard does provide a high level view of cpu and ram usage on each VPS instance so you can keep an eye on it, but it’s not anything very detailed. As a VPS user you do at least know that your server’s usage is all your own so standard monitoring tools should work well.

That all helps. Thanks. You see my consistent theme: I just want to know what the rules are so that I can play. I want to know what my resource consumption is over time so I can watch for peaks. On my development PC I’ve found that when I throw enough RAM at a virtual machine that runtime problems shift from memory consumption to 100% disk usage. SSD in VPS will help with that kind of problem. But unless I know what the disk activity is like I can’t fix problems that occur. Same goes for CPU/core over-or under-utilization, or even network traffic to MySQL or elsewhere.

I’ll look for tools for this, like scripts around ps, etc (one of which was provided by @smaffulli in another of my posts on this topic). But server administration like this isn’t something that I do for a living. I already spend most of my days researching other topics. That’s why I have hosted services. That’s why I’m asking about what DH provides. And that’s why I’m hoping you guys can publish info on this topic so that I don’t have to research it on my own, like I’m the only one who has ever been interested in this topic. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.