What's in the add_list.cgi script?

hi all.

i have a site where users can sign up to be on an announcement list. everything works fine and i have it configured to do all the right things.

i’d like to add an extra layer of security with a captcha code.

i can’t self reference the page to check the captcha code and then auto-submit the values to the add_list.cgi script.

does anyone know what the add_list.cgi contains and if i can pass all the same values to dreamhost without pointing the form action to:


here is how to make the form:


This is a customer forum and we wouldn’t know what the contents of that file would be unless DreamHost disclosed it.

If you are a developer then you will be interested in this instead:


Or you can try taking the route of having your own CGI script handle the CAPTCHA and then use a HTTP client library (ie cURL or LWP) to send a request to the DreamHost script.

So either way you’re going to need a CGI script that makes an HTTP request itself.

:cool: openvein.org -//-

thanks a lot! at a glance, the api is what i need. :slight_smile: