What's going on with xevious?

Anyone else have their sites on that machine? In the past three weeks I’ve had many hours of site downtime, hung SSH sessions, reboots, and slowdowns. Last week I requested a callback, and was told they were having problems with memory use and CPU load from another user. The support person who spoke to me was surprised to check the logs and see that xevious had had more than 30 reboots in the past month. (Why was he surprised? Is there no one whose job is to notice such anomalies?)

It’s been happening more and more often. I keep filling out the support form asking “Can you fix this, or else move me to a more stable server?” and I keep getting general positive non-answers. Last time I was told, “We’ll keep an eye on that machine for the next 24 hours, and if you don’t report any problems in that 24 hours we’ll consider it solved.” Of course my sites were down the next day. Twice.

All this, and I’ve seen nothing on the Dreamhost status blog about problems with Xevious, or complaints from anyone else. It seems like every time I contact support about it, I’m making them aware of problems for the first time. Other people are on that box, right? And Dreamhost does monitor their machines proactively for problems…right?

Is this typical for Dreamhost? Are most shared servers here like this, with average uptimes measured in hours and Web sites that load or hang on a coin toss? Am I the only user experiencing these problems? And if reporting the same problem in the “Contact Support” form for two weeks doesn’t fix the problem, can anyone advise on the next best method to escalate attention to a broken box?

(Yes, I’m pretty sure that griping about it in the discussion forms isn’t that best method, but at the moment I can’t think of anything better. And I’m very frustrated, because I have certain things that I promised a few thousand people would be up by tomorrow, and I’ve been staying up all night to do them, and for the last hour the site’s been dead and I’m just twiddling my thumbs.)

[quote]Is this typical for Dreamhost? Are most shared servers here like this?

I wish I could help you with the situation… it doesn’t sound pleasant. But I can tell you that in my experience, this is extremely rare. I have been on “xenaheater” since 2003 and never had any problems – except those that I created myself, and effects of a DH-wide DDOS attack (which they have since learned to contain much more effectively). In all, I would not count your situation as anything that is likely to happen (again, or to others), not even on “just” shared machines.

I expect that you’ve already placed a handful of support tickets with maximum “OMG! People are DYING!” priority? You didn’t mention what size plan you’re on; you might even have a callback option.

Best of luck!

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Yeah I’ve got same issues: random downtimes, MySQL is not responding, dead FTP sites and so on… What is strange, this downtime is happening around the same time every day and it’s only on xevious.

Sometimes to load a website it takes minutes, sometimes I am getting Internal Error 500… I am telling you, it’s a pain in the ass!

I have contacted the Dreamhost Support several times but no solution yet.

I will post any update when I receive any response.



After my fifth support ticket (and my second callback) I finally convinced them to move me to a different server without further delay. It’s only been a couple of days, but things seem to be a lot more stable now, and performance is better.

My suggestion would be that you ask them for the same thing. I wouldn’t hold out hope at this point that they will ever figure out what is wrong with Xevious, or even get their act together enough to make a dedicated, non-redundant effort to investigate it. (Even on the fifth support message, the guy who responded expressed surprise when he noticed that Xevious had had 60 reboots in a month. What this says to me is that their techs don’t communicate with each other on known problems.) So the easiest option is just to move servers. If they did it for me, they should do it for you.

Thanks a milion SFEley I’ll give a try then !