What's going on? Navigation Bar isn't working

So…I’m a first time poster to the forums here. I have been working on a site for my new home community and have gotten stuck somewhere. Everything seemed to be working well except for a few pages. The issue with these pages is that when you are on them, you can no longer access the drop down menus of the navigation bar. I have posted links below so that you can see.

Any assistance to figuring this out would be great! TIA!

Page that works: http://www.essexhomesinallansmill.com/
Page that doesn’t work: http://www.essexhomesinallansmill.com/buildingprocess.html

In the source code to the second page, I see this:

That won’t work, obviously.

Thank you for your help. I’m still very new to this…so can you please help me figure out what’s wrong and why it won’t work. Thank you!

It will not work as the file the code is referring to is clearly located on your Mac. The file (SpryMenuBar.js) needs to be copied onto the webserver and the code adjusted so that your website can access it.