What's "excessive" MySQL inquiries with DH?

Just curious, I had another host shut me down due to “excessive” MySQL inquiries and never even gave me a chance to try and correct anything. Now, I’m hosted with DH and yet I’m so afraid of having the same thing happen again and am aware that I can check the usage, however have no clue as to what is normal, high, and possibly considered excessive so that I may monitor and keep it within tolerance. Thanks for all replies.

Have a look here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/MySQL#MySQL_Usage

It says, there are no hard limits any longer, but they will warn you if you go too hard.

I saw and read that, however my question is what is “too hard”? There’s a few scripts that I ran before that I am not running now, however I want to know before a proble arises with DH should I run them again what is considered grounds for a warning?

I couldn’t say. I can’t recall what the old ‘conuriy’ limits were.

If you have some indication of how many connections and queries an hour you were running and could give that information to support they may be able to give you an indication.

It really just gets down to ‘reasonable’ use and who else is using the servers… and that could be an entirely subjective thing from dreamhosts point.