What's best method to create 1-page "Coming Soon"

What would the best mwthod to just create a 1-page “Coming Soon” type web page with some graphics I would uploat, company contact info, etc. And then we would want to upload it to Dreamhost. Company has a domain name already.


Same way you would create any web site.

How will you create the finished web site? - use the same development tools.

Maybe I don’t understand the question exactly

Maybe neither of us understands the question, or maybe its too basic? Thats not meant as an insult to who asked it; just an observation by one, who is also about ready to sign on with Dreamhost, and had the same question, too. (Well, sorta!)

Thing is I come to this arena with only a rudimentary understanding of the skills needed to create an entire website. However I understand the need (or desire) to place something in advance on the internet - as a way to generate buzz or just make the target audience aware of whats coming.

That said, if one were using, say, Wordpress.org development tools, can an interim (single “Coming Soon” page) be created therein, and vis a vis Dreamhost (but not yet as an actual website, but using their hosting services), that may/could have the capability of having visitors “sign up” (so to be part of the official launch)?


Installing WordPress just to post a Parked page is overkill, but here are a few Parked themes:

You can also download some demo website software that’s fully functional for 30 days:

True, it could be overkill in some cases. But what if one is planning on using Wordpress tools for the entire site AND the parked page should look similar, if not exact (at least thematically) to what is eventually created?

Scott – What other software would be good (in addition to webstudio) to look at? It doesn’t have to be free (but low price is good) so I can create it myself (I have tech background but legacy skills).

There’s Kompozer, but for more, start searching Google.