What XMPP Server does DH use?

What XMPP server does Dreamhost use? And how are XMPP accounts managed? Is there a control panel for this? Is there a programming API available?

  1. jabberd (jabberd.org), with some plans to switch to ejabberd in the near future.

2/3. https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tree=goodies.jabber

  1. Not at the present time, but feel free to request an API for adding/modifying Jabber users if you want one.

I know this is somewhat of a necro-bump but it relates to my inquiry. I have recently taken up working with the DH API and was looking to implement jappix mini to my Xenforo installation and do jabber account handling through triggers exposed by that forum software, but jappix requires a BOSH capable server, so, my inquiry is really whether out not ejabberd has been added, as that does have BOSH support out of the box, and if so is BOSH enabled and on what ports if applicable.

So yeah I’m doing a Jappix/DreamHost/Xenforo bridge kind of deal. Jappix is a free open source web based client that can run independently or as a social chat bar similar to facebook, it can also be configured to use any xmpp server or limit to just one. Basically I want to provide a chat system to my users that is automated and built in to the forums. I’ll post it up here when I am done.

I guess no one gives a crap about jabber/xmpp anymore

Speaking from a statistical standpoint, that’s actually more or less true. :stuck_out_tongue: The rate at which our customers have been creating Jabber users peaked in 2007 and has been going down ever since. Part of this is probably that Jabber never “took off” with nontechnical users like it was supposed to; transports never really worked reliably either, so it’s generally easier to just get an account on whatever mainstream IM service your friends are using.

To answer your question, though: We are still using jabberd on most servers. Some complications came up with the migration to ejabberd, so it’s been pushed off until our next OS upgrade. That being said, you still have to create Jabber users individually through the panel, so ejabberd would be unlikely to work for your application anyway.

Well thanks for the response, I do know that users would have to be created through the panel, however your DH API allows for the creation, deactivation, and deletion of Jabber Users, using that in conjunction with the registration process of XenForo (at register create DH Jabber User), and Jappix application for an overlay chat application (which can be programmed to reference say, forum usernames at the time of log in (IE, current forum session’s username)), it would be entirely feasible to make it work, so long as there is a BOSH capable Jabber server present (such as ejabberd), assuming you allow for web panel registration when/if ejabberd is implemented. This essentially would create a “facebook-like” implementation for my own forum (or for others).

Here’s another vote for ejabberd. I’ve been working on Friendica - which is like a super distributed social network that gateways between lots of different social networking applications - and it’s fabulous that it still runs on shared hosts like DH. But we’re hampered in connecting the indie social web to the XMPP universe because we’d need BOSH as a gateway, so a DH account won’t work for that purpose today - without knowing somebody else with a BOSH server willing to relay for you. We’re trying to avoid requiring a dedicated VPS because that really limits the number of folks that can install it.

fwiw, I would also like to see ejabberd working.

actually, it would be nice to have any Jabber server running that supports bosh… I’m not particularly biased towards any one flavor, just bosh.

that is extremely-not-true

microsoft is integrating it into their chat offering to play nicely with their enterprise voip: Lync .

Microsoft Lync will push/lead/coerce hardware to convey text as both xmpp texting and sip texting, both $0 alternatives to slow OLDFASHIONED sms texting. sms is the not-smart fee atop a data mandated device which further ENSLAVES you to ONE device.

[quote=“Andrew_F, post:5, topic:52423”]
this is probably that Jabber never “took off” with nontechnical users [/quote]

It needed better competitive branding: xmpp texting.

those same sheeple mocked the few who wanted to have mobile internet for PDAs. They only need to have the money waste-preventing idea percolate or have it better integrated in the facetard experience.

Why no Prosody love? It’s very-scalable ! [yes, I am chrono-aware]

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Jappix application for an overlay chat application [/quote]

abandon they who stall [mp]OTR implementation.


OAuth2? aim higher.

maybe you’d prefer something federated in the spirit of the other federation advocate. shibboleth?

there can only be one? nope: RFC 7081