What Would You Like to See DH Add In The Future?

What would you like to see DreamHost add in the near future to your plan? I know we all wish that we could have had that birthday gift but lets face it, not going happen.

Anyway here goes mine:
(Crazy Domain Insane)

Disk Storage - I would love to see this go from 200 to 400 :smiley:

Domains Hosted - 1, what a joke! I think you should be able to host up to 3

Subdomains Hosted - 15

MySQL Conueries / mo - 5 million (maybe give us an extra 5 or 10 floating that we can use throughout the year if we go over??)

I would have sent this into suggestions but I think this is something that would be better to have others comment on and add :slight_smile:


I’m on the basic package and i’d like to see:-

I’d like more coneries(sp?!) extra 5milion
More subdomains (say about 20)
GD on, not through CGI


More features in PHP. Specifically related to GD.


I agree with Madbob that GD support would be quite nice, but even more, GD2 which allows you to use imagecreatetruecolor();

(basic hosting plan)

well, of course i meant GD2…


A tad bit more space and the ability to use the space for as many domains as you like (like another popular hosting company) or at least a reasonable amount.

At the Strictly Business level, the main thing I’d like to see would be a lower price but a greater number of hosted domains would be nice.

Possibly an alternative to Miva as an eCommerce system (maybe something PHP-based).


This is tangential, if not orthogonal, to the business of webhosting, but it would be really neat if DreamHost added a Usenet feed. (Besides, Nancy McGough at her IMAP providers site at ii.com said to ask for one.)

We’ve actually been looking into some of the common outsourced news services, so this is hopefully (finally) in the works. We have been getting more requests for this lately.

In the meantime, I’ll throw in a plug for Supernews; obviously getting a standalone news account might be a little expensive (not to mention the extra hassle), but they do provide a good service. I used to have a Supernews feed before SE switched to Giganews.

This is more of a support type request than a ‘hosting plan’ type request, and I don’t know HOW to add this, but perhaps with some panel wizardry DH could be a leader in making/facilitating more seamless co-maintenance of web sites.

It is a royal pain to set up more than one person for access to a domain and keep (or get) file ownership and permissions sorted out. I’ve seen topics fairly regularly that seem to ask for the same thing. All of the work-arounds seem kludgy, very limited, or complex to implement. I think I still have some apache-owned directory I can’t touch left behind from experimenting with web-dav. Thank goodness I didn’t lock myself out of a live directory on that site in my innocence :slight_smile:

I know multiple-access gets murky in terms of responsibility (and I suppose liability) but it would be terrific if there were some reasonable to way to legally give other people direct access rights to some or all of our files. I’m really after something that is functionally equivalent to sharing my login and password but with added layers of security. This would help me cross-train other members of the non-profits I support on maintaining our web sites so I could more seamlessly transfer responsibility down the road after I burn out.

here here! amen! all that!


I’d like to see batched smtp support.

I’d like to see two things:

non-plaintext login support for IMAP mail, such as CRAM-MD5 or the like. I don’t like transmitting my email password in plaintext over the public net. Forgive me if we support this feature, but checking for supported types in Evolution greys everything out but password.

I’d also like to see the gpg encryption plugin added for squirrelmail. http://www.squirrelmail.org/plugin_view.php?id=153

what do you guys think?


Well SSL POP3 and IMAP are supported. There’s no TLS smtp, however – so if you’re using our outgoing mail server, you’d still need to authenticate in plaintext. However, for the paranoid, you could either tunnel an ssh connection to your user machine (and forward a local port to port 25 on the mail machine), or else you could sign up for a VPN account and set that up.

I think this is a really bad idea from a security perspective. While there are no untrusted users on the webmail machines, doing this just doesn’t strike me as a good idea (reasons why have been hashed out on the Squirrelmail mailing list in the past; I don’t have an exact link at the moment). You’re much better off using a client on your home machine, or (if you must) a shell based client on the server side.

It’s possible that we might add the plugin for verifing S/MIME and PGP signed messages, but it’s unlikely that we’d add the encryption modules. I think there may be some issues doing this when there aren’t home directories for local users (since the keyring for each user would probably have to be held in a database of some sort).

It looks like the DH genie has heard you. According to the latest newsletter, from November most of us are getting a free plan upgrade. Cool.

Yarr, i saw that… should be good!!

Anyone any ideas as to what the upgrades will be and when they’re introduced?


should be tomorrow


I’m hoping for more domains and subdomains, the former being more important. knocking on wood

Oh my, some lovely upgrades have appeared.

Thanks Dreamhost!

Davin Risk – FLUFFCO.COM

Woooooooooow! they’re a lot better than i expected!!

Now all they need to do is get rid of those coneries!!!

(perhaps limit number of databases… that would prove more efficient, one db for each domain.)