What Would You Do?

If your site was down for over 48 hours due to a mistake on Dreamhost’s part, and you were unable to get them to respond to your support tickets and callback requests (even after 36 hours)?

I’ve been a loyal Dreamhost user for over two years, and completely understand the support/resources/price value that Dreamhost offers, but when they’re responsible for the issue, I would hope that they would at least find the time to let the customer know they’re working on it. A little communication goes a long way!

As it stands now, we’ve lost three days worth of revenue as well as the future customers that we may never get back, and as far as I know, Dreamhost hasn’t even received my support requests.

So my question to other Dreamhosters is, what would you do if you were in my situation?

You should at least get an automated response after 24 hours. Does anything show up in the panel in your Support History?


All of my support history is showing up in my Panel, and I have received one response to my initial inquiry (almost 50 hours ago), so I know support is receiving the ticket request, they’re just not replying to them or calling me back.

We typically don’t make use of support at all as we’re on a PS account, and now that root is enabled we have no reason to (we administer things ourselves). The exception to that rule is when Dreamhost themselves actually break something, as is the case in this situation.

I haven’t received an automated delay if a response is going to surpass the 24 hour limit in years, even though they’ve been taking over a day the last few times I’ve submitted a ticket.

Initiate a backup plan in case this happens again.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

That is exactly my intention, has anyone gone through creating a reliable failover solution for file and MySQL servers on Dreamhost?

Mirroring directories with rsync should be no problem, I’m more concerned with how to sync MySQL.