What would dreamhost do about dos attacks?

Hi, I am looking into your hosting company and so far everyone is very friendly and helpfull but I was wondering what dreamhost would do about dos (denial-of-service) attacks? I am interested because recently my site has been and still is being dos’ed and I am considering switching servers and hosts. So what would dreamhost do, they just got an email from one of there customers about there site getting dos’ed and then they would…

DreamHost has also seen a few DoS attacks on sites hosted here, but they’re fairly good at handling them. Browse around this forum just two months back or so to see user comments and DH comments about the last two incidents. Personally, I’d recommend DreamHost any day, and I think their DoS readiness is above average.

If you know that your site is a DoS-magnet, then I would recommend that you let the hosting provider know when you sign up, just so that they are aware and can place you on a machine that is suitable. I expect they’ll welcome you as a customer all the same!

PS: You can get a free WebID and try out some of the features here even without having a hosting plan and without paying anything.