What works best for BuddyPress configs? DreamPress does not



I am wondering if there is ANY service DreamHost offers on which a BuddyPress installation of WordPress works?

Forum admin Ipstenu-DH was kind enough to tell me that DreamPress and BuddyPress do not get along because of Varnish. Is there any other option?

Do I need to look at VPS? A dedicated server? Someone other than DreamHost?

There seem to be a lot of people that do make it work, and scalable.

Continuing to pay the extra money every month for DreamPress seems to be in vain for my particular installation when it realy doesn’t work with BuddyPress.

Would be very grateful for any advice you might be able to offer so I can determine next steps.

Many thanks,


I’ve just started testing Buddypress, and I haven’t seen any problems so far. What kind of issues are you having? I hope Dreampress is compatible, although I may have to move hosts to get Multisite compatibility, anyways. (I think I’ll need a different theme for my Buddypress site than for my main site.) I could switch to a regular VPS, instead of Dreampress, but I’m concerned about performance without Varnish.



It’s not INCOMPATIBLE, it’s just not besties.

The issue is that BuddyPress invalidates the Varnish Cache because it uses cookies. That’s … all. And it’s really what you want when you think about it. You have constantly flowing and changing data, you have logged in users, etc. The site still works, it just doesn’t benefit from all the awesome that is DreamPress which means it’s not as fast as a non-BP site :confused:

That’s something that lives better on a standard VPS (the same with Multisite when you get down to it).