What was the old conuery limit?

I know Dreamhost currently doesn’t impose limits on conueries, but I would like to know what was the limit when it did - just to make an idea of what they think is heavy database usage (to help me optimize my scripts - I optimize them anyway but I want to know when I should really start worrying about it)



“Our plans come with 5 million to 20 million conueries a month, with
extra conueries being charged at the rate of $5/million. We actually
haven’t begun the charging yet, but plan to within the next two weeks.
Before the charging begins, we’ll of course update the “Goodies >
MySQL” area of our web panel to report on the number of conueries each
of your databases is using! Also, don’t worry too much about these new
limits! We created them after analyzing our current usage patterns,
and approximately 98% of our users don’t come close to even 5M conueries
a month! The last 2% of customers use over 80% of our database resources,
and they’re the only ones who may end up paying anything extra for their

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