What was that?


glad we’re all back, and sooner rather than later

(the whole DH network was unreachable for a bit there right?)



Just to complement the post:
By now we’ve all received a notification e-mail from Dreamhost about a new DDOS attack. Apparently much smaller than last time, and they’ve got it under control, so the brief outage was their reaction time.



I figured that’s what it was, but I was kinda hoping it was of the same scale as the last, but they were just kickin it’s butt that much better now =)



I’m sure you weren’t hoping for a large-scale DoS? You must’ve omitted a “not” somewhere?



Not a “not”, but a “but”!

That’s the coolest sentence I ever wrote with the punctuation and all that, pity it probably makes little sense to someone who didn’t get the first post. Sorry TGB =)