What user-id do easy-mode setups run as?

I am considering setting up some easy-mode on-click installations for the less computer literate members of my family to run websites as.

The chances of them getting broken into are high. (Heck, the chances of me getting broken into are high.)

I would prefer it if someone breaking into subdomain.my-domain.net did not automatically have the ability to manipulate all of the files at my-domain.net.

I.e. and e.g., I would prefer it if subdomain.my-domain.net did not run as the same UNIX user id as my-domain.net.

I can set this up for normal installs.

But, I am afraid that I do not know how to set this up for easy-mode one-click installs.

Q: what UNIX user id do the easy-mode one-click installs run as?

The Easy one-clicks aren’t even on the same server as your FTP user. It’s completely isolated. It’s as if the one-click is installed at another ISP and they just give you the admin login for it.

So to answer your question, I dunno. But it’s not yours.