What type of hosting for this site?

Hi, I’m considering moving a site across to dreamhost which receives 10000 - 15000 uniques a day and about 1.5 million page views a month.

My host at present isn’t too bad but it has a simultaneous connections issue which cause 503 errors at times.

Would a run of the mill shared hosting account facilitate this site?
(I already have an account at DH for a site that receives about 90000 views a month. So all of this is really about eliminating one monthly expense.)

I’m not exactly sure how demanding those 10-15k uniques are on the server (is it static, optimized PHP, or a mess of functions on every line?)… but in general I’d say that kind of traffic is starting to go outside the expected limits of most shared hosting accounts.

Dreamhost has some VPS options, but whether it is here or elsewhere I think you’re gonna need a little more than shared if you want good response times and a lack of 503s.

It will not survive with 10000 - 15000 uniques a day on a shared server.

If you are really keen on performance (server, script, and database), you will need a few dedicated servers with load balancers to support it.