What to provide someone working on my site?

I want to pay someone to help develop a WordPress blog. I am brand new to all of this.

1.) What information should I provide to the person helping me?
2.) Is there anything I should be concerned with while doing this?
3.) Can I create an account just for that person?


The easiest way is to create a New FTP user for the domain where it’s hosted. Then give them the FTP password so they can upload themes and plugins. And, of course, the WP Admin login.

This gives them the keys to that kingdom. If you don’t trust that person, you should find someone else.

Better yet, do it yourself. You’ll learn tons and be pretty self sufficient. Whenever you get stuck, you can post here or in the WordPress forums. There’s a huge support community for WordPress eager to help out new users.


I currently have done absolutely nothing with my Dreamhost account.

  1. What is the absolute worst that someone could do if I, as you said, “give the keys to the kingdom?”

  2. I already designed the look and feel of the pages I want to create in WordPress. However, I just do not know how to transform this into a WordPress site without having to slice up the whole thing from Photoshop and export the Photoshop created code into WordPress (which I’m guessing will result in a highly inefficient design). Is there an easy way to go from a .PSD to a functional WordPress site?


  1. The absolute worst is that they could install a backdoor. It gets less worse from there, ranging from your site mysteriously breaking due to coding kludges all the way to small annoyances that are difficult to track down.

  2. Start looking through the theme repository for something that looks very much like what you want and modify that theme. This will also help you understand the constraints of theme layout within WordPress and may cause you to alter your design to suit the functionality.


Sorry for my ignorance and thank you for your patience!!

1.) Is there an easy way to detect a backdoor? To scan for one?

2.) Can a WordPress theme be modified in DreamWeaver?


  1. No

  2. Yes - and there’s likely an mxp available for DW to work with WP themes.

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