What time of day (CST) is Autopay processed?

Central Standard time.

It’d be good to know because I’ve had some unexpected debits from the attached card. I’ll need to add some more funds to cover the DH Autopay transaction for close to $100 which is scheduled for 8/18/2009. I may not be able to do that (adequately) for a few hours. So, do these automated transactions normally go through in the morning, afternoon, evening…?

I’m checking out the website for Autopay, also, I just had the thought that it might be processed exactly the time of day that I signed up. I’m not sure though. Any insight would be appreciated.

We’re just customers here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they batch ran payments throughout the day. If someone just misses the cycle, that would add nearly 24 hours to their activation time, which bothers some people. So running it several times a day would speed up the activation process.