What the hell is wrong with dreamhost!

I’m so freaking tired of the sporadic downtimes! Everyday and throughout the day there are downtimes of a few minutes, and more! I’m on Lenny server. For the rest of dreamhost users it would be good for you to track the uptime of your server. If you just signed up then great. Once you get over Wow I’m getting such an unbelievable deal phase, please use a uptime tracker like host-tracker.com and you will see what I’m talking about.

If you don’t use a database then maybe it won’t affect you as much. But my website is new and I barely get about 50 visitors per day and it’s so screwed up.

Support if you reading this well I will gladly give you my details. I’ve been told my server runs fine but my tracker doesn’t say so and I can’t access my website. So it’s not fine!

It’s probably a one or two server issue… I haven’t had a problem whatsoever. And yes, I do use an uptime tracker. For my site, and the database server. Or it’s just someone who’s decided they’re bored with commenting on the status blog.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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Yes, I am a new user on lenny and I have had the EXACT same problems since I signed up a week or so ago. I am sick of the people on these forums who seem to think you are an idiot if you complain about downtime. Why would someone waste their time on this board if they weren’t frustrated with the service. They obviously have a valid complaint and I am sure they filed a support ticket as well as posting on the board. So far when I send a ticket they are very nice but I get the ol’ “sorry about your problem, seems to be working fine now”.

-> I am sick of the people on these forums who seem to think you are an idiot if you complain about downtime

No, no one wants downtime. You’re not paying to get downtime.

But, from what I understand, this forum is mainly visited by customers. We don’t have access to the servers. So telling us your server is down is not going to fix anything because there is nothing we can do about it. So there is really no reason in complaining to us.

And if you want to complain just because you feel like venting, then go set up your own myspace and you can complain all you want.

So complaining and whining magically brings up a problem server? If the only thing you can contribute to the forum is whining/complaining, then why wouldn’t people think you’re an idiot?

Intelligently worded complaints or problems don’t get attacked here–little baby tantrums do. If there’s a problem that other customers can actually help with, this is the place to come to. If you need support from Dreamhost, you submit a ticket. If you just need a shoulder to cry on, that’s what your mommy’s for.

Had you actually read through the forums, you’d also know that people that sign up just to whine have it harder than those that actually contribute and help out do, if/when they complain about something. You can’t possibly expect a warm welcome if you register just to whine and call people idiots just because they won’t drop what they’re doing to sit around and cry with you.

That statement is more idiotic than complaining about downtime. Did you actually read through the forums? I can’t find one indication anywhere that the forum is for crying.

This is a customer-to-customer help forum. We are customers, just like you, so we can’t fix anything that needs to be handled by support, nor do we owe you anything just because you’re having problems with your account.

People that come here and ask for help get it when they’re nice about it, whereas people that act like idiots tend to get treated like idiots. Remember: Support gets paid to deal with you, but other customers don’t.

The ones that come here and cry like it’s the end of the world don’t seem to get that there are a thousand servers with thousands of customers on them. If one server goes down, that’s not a reason for every customer to join hands and start crying that Dreamhost sucks.

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Actually, some times it does help to complain here. There are more reasons for not finding your website available online other than just the server being down, like expired domain names.

It also helps users to know they are not alone. Yes, no one likes downtime, and YES, we, as fellow DH users, can not help if it’s a server wide issue.

The best resourses are
• check systemwide at status.dreamhost.com
• verify through your web panel if its a known outage
(you may be the first to notify dreamhost, or you may see that it is known.)
• if it comes back and says there is no outage, and you cannot reach your site, start a support ticket.
• let people here in the discussions know what server you are on, what your website is etc. If it was not a known outage and the server is down, others on the server will pipe in, yeah, mine’s down too…then you know, or if it’s another issue altogether, the guru’s in here are quite helpful (I am often humbled by them.)

I hope your issue has been resolved.

Well, that’s about all anyone on here can do, really. So yes, you’re an idiot for complaining here, because we can do even less about it than DH can. Particularly if DH broke it in the first place.

Yes, I have an opinion.

Get a minimum 50% off with the “haveadreamyday” promo code, and… have a dreamy day. Original, no?

I like when people post actual problems here. People mistake being annoyed by pointless whining as wanting to hide the truth about problems. Hard to take that claim seriously as long as dreamhoststatus.com exists.

The problem is that most can’t seem to do it without a tantrum. Stuff like “My site is down - F Dreamhost” doesn’t belong here, even if it’s about a legit problem.

On the other hand, something like this never gets attacked or questioned here: “My domain example.com, on tetris, has been having problems for 2 hours. I get a ____ error. I contacted support, but thought I’d run it by you guys while waiting for a reply.”

I think some people leave out all important info because they’re afraid someone’s going to point out that they screwed their own site up and can’t blame it on Dreamhost.

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Yes, plus for some reason, some folks just are fearful of posting their website url.

Whining gets what it deserves. But posters who are frantic, and don’t understand what is going on…AND take the time to explain what is happening to them shouldn’t get bashed…and I see quite a bit of bickering here lately…which does put some folks on the defensive prior to posting.

I thinks a support template should be provided in here, quite similar to the one used at phpbb.com

Server Name: (and how to find out what server you are on)
Date/Time the Error Started:
Did you Check System Wide:
If so, What was the Result:
Did you check status.dreamhost.com:
Was your server listed: (if so, then some things to let them understand it’s being worked on.)
If not, Please state your problem Clearly:


It would certainly help…and by the time they went through the process…chances are their site would be back up…hopefully

I do understand that it can be frustrating. I figure DH is adding 3-5 servers per week by now.

Didn’t mean to hi-jack this thread.

Again, hope your issues are solved.

Where’s my mommy? I need a good cry.

This is an appropriate place to talk about server downtime. Lenny has been having problems and I have opened a ticket with the administration team to fix it. I agree from looking at its history that the problems it has experienced have been way too frequent and have gone on for way too long. I apologize and will have this fixed for you. I will also make sure that better safeguards are put in place to make sure a server doesn’t get lost in the shuffle like this again. Again, Apologies.

Don’t you guys think I’ve done this and more? The support form and the outage notification is prominently on the control panel so it’s actually more convinient than signing up for a forum account and post here.

I’m glad some of you are actually defending Dreamhost. Maybe:

a. You haven’t experienced any downtime so far. Happy for you.
b. You don’t know if you have had several small downtimes througout the day since you don’t use an uptime tracker (mine tracks every 1minute)
c. You know what I’m talking about but the coupon helps keeping your level of tolerance high and your mouth close.

Besides, some of you are defending Dreamhost while having a coupon in the signature. That doesn’t give much of a credibility does it? And don’t tell me you don’t get anything back because you give the $97 maximum discount allowed. Anyone who knows how to add 1+1 knows how you can still milk the promotion. That’s why you see people advertising on Google adwords and Digg.

I did send a full report of my stats to the support. After that and some time later then they put up the news about the file server problem on their dreamhoststatus.com but I can tell you I still have the same problem. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t even bother to message support either because I’ve bought hosting somewhere else. Still keeping the account just for whatever till the the yearly plan expires. Of course, I’ve removed the the recurring payments just in case.

The reason I didn’t put up my URL is because it’s an erotica/porn website. And no, I don’t have 100K visitors/day. I wish! More like a measly 30visitors if I’m lucky. It’s new and I bought some advertising but I had to cancel the campaigns that didn’t start.

The reason I joined Dreamhost is because I saw a reputable website promoting it as I had my reservations. So yeah, I don’t say Dreamhost won’t work for the new customer but if you are planning to sign up just do it knowing what you getting into. This will be in the best interest of you and Dreamhost so there won’t be another sucker like me posting here or even bother to register a domain, like some others, a-la paypalsucks.com which you can find out yourself and create a website just to display the level of happiness Dreamhost has rested upon our poor souls.

I have never in my life ranted about a hosting company like this. And it’s because I expected more from such a big company who tries to differenciate itself by giving a friendly image. Fair enough, but at the end of the end we pay for hosting and uptime. And I don’t buy the ‘so what you want for $20/year?’ For the 93% uptime I’m getting it’s not even worth that so you can forget about paying the full price.

If Dreamhost wants to change its image then I suggest them to fix their current problems, slow down on overloading servers, change their misleading marketing strategy and put up public stats of all their servers. Notifying problems on their blog is nice but hard numbers are worth a thousand words. I will be glad to be proven wrong and renew my plan next year.

I’ve had downtime, but admitedly not as much as some people. Oh well. That’s the nature of shared hosting. The only difference? You don’t actually know it unless it happens to your server. I use an uptime tracker which monitors my site every 5 minutes. I do know what you’re talking about, and I do have a promotion thingie in my signature. However, I will tell you I don’t get a thing from it, because I don’t. Although, that’s pretty much because it doesn’t get used but oh well. If you sent in a support ticket and you’re still having the problem, then it’s probably not related. But, since you bought hosting somewhere else and don’t care anymore, well, then neither do I.

I’m sorry you had issues, but ranting at us here won’t do a thing to fix it, or anything. It’ll just irritate us, and since you’ve posted all of once, maybe twice, you’ll be quickly filed under the category of troll. Now that DH knows what you’re using the site for, I wonder how inclined they’ll be to actually answer you now.

Yes, I have an opinion.

Get a minimum 50% off with the “haveadreamyday” promo code, and… have a dreamy day. Original, no?

Dear quanin,

Thank you for not caring and writing a post just to say so. I appreciate your uncaring kindness. You even threw in some extra misintepreted lines just because… That was a nice touch.

Clearly you have not read my admittely long post in detail to understand it. Whether DH does or does not do anything in regards of my experiences that does not affect me in anyway, nor I’m asking my account be fixed.

I doubt my previous post has been a troll since I was describing in detail my situation as some people thought I was bickering because Starbucks forgot to put extra cream on my mocha latte.

And I’m sorry you feel irritated for me saying DH has been as realiable for me as a flea market rolex replica, when even you described in your first line to have the same problems.

If for any reason this post does affect you in any other way could I suggest you click on the top right-hand corner of your browser where the ‘x’ is? This will save you from the urge of reiterating the little importance that I have in your life, and therefore prevent this useless thread to be bumped to the top thus causing further seizures to your nervous system.

Yours truly,