What status with my order?

This is my ordered from jun 8,2009

Order Details - Jun 8, 2009 7:28 PM PDT
Google Order #326689425097593

Shipping Status Qty Item Price
Not yet shipped 1 DreamHost Web Hosting - Account #550792 (phangu7) $69.40
Tax : $0.00

and now jun 19,2009 but i don’t received any e-mail to my account created and i have send 3 email to support customer off but i don’t received any anwser ???why do your sevice dont anwser any my e mail ???

We’re just customers in the forum, but Google Checkout often takes extra long to process, and if you’re non-US, that adds more time as well.

Email to support isn’t efficiently processed, as they prefer form-submitted requests, like from this one: