What resolution to design in?

I want to design my Word Press site to appeal to people that may or may not be tech savy. Is there a common standard for monitor resolution to design for these days to work in all the major browsers on both Mac and PC?


If you browse through many of the themes available for WP, you’ll notice that many are fixed width. Usually around 650 for the the core of the site, allowing a bit for colored margins on the sides. I find that allowing for a total of 800 pixels wide works well.


Another way of approaching this would be to use percentages to govern the width of the central portion of your site, and then use pixels to define boundaries. In CSS, it would mean a rule something like this:

div#content { width: 80%; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; min-width: 750px; max-width: 1000px; }Assuming your content is contained in a DIV with an ID of “content”, the width of the content would be 80% of the width of its container (perhaps the BODY, depending on your markup), but would never get narrower than 750px or wider than 1000px. The margin rules center the content within the container.

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