What makes DH better?

So after looking at my options it seems that host monster or bluehost are cheaper and just as good for my needs which are pretty minimal (personal website, blog, files, photos, etc). What makes dreamhost so much better?


It all depends on your needs … for you it might not be “better”! “Better” is a relative term, and what is better for one might not be better for another. Just for an example, if you need PostgreSQL, then a host that offers PostgreSQL is better for you than one that doesn’t. :wink:


My biggest problem would be the huge $6.95/month on the front page… then a few clicks into the ordering process, here’s the pricing:

3 Months - $9.95/month + $30 setup
6 Months - $8.95/month + $30 setup
12 Months - $7.95/month
24 Months - $6.95/month

Plus, the domain is only free with 12 & 24 month plans.

While DH also offers discounts for 12 & 24 months, they put it all out in the open and also give you a monthly option.

I think if you wanted something cheaper than DH, and did some research, you’d find better choices than the two you listed.

Not to mention, you can use a promo code at Dreamhost and get your first year for around $22. Your first year at Bluehost would be $95.40 or more. :wink:

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It is interesting how some people define “cheaper”, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Well, to be fair, I think the plans are comparable and that HostMonster and BlueHost are a little cheaper across the board.

host monthly 3 month 6 month 1y prepay 2y prepay DH 9.95* n/a n/a 9.95 7.95 BH n/a 9.95** 8.95** 7.95 6.95 HM n/a 7.95** 7.95** 7.95 5.95 * plus $50 setup fee
** plus $30 setup fee and $10/year for domain registration

The complications in directly comparing the plans are:

  1. DreamHost has a 97-day money-back guarantee period.
  2. DreamHost has promo code discounts of up to $97 or extra features.
  3. Control Panels are different
  4. Slightly different one-click installs are supported. DreamHost has SVN support.
  5. BlueHost has extra disk and bandwidth upfront. DreamHost adds extra disk and bandwidth every month. DreamHost has higher level plans with more disk and bandwidth.
  6. BlueHost has phone support on cheapest plan. DreamHost only has callback support on higher level plans.
  7. DreamHost has the easy subdomain.dreamhosters.com subdomains for trying stuff out without registering your domain upfront.

If you can’t afford the annual prepaid plans, HM is the cheapest option by $1.17 a month (I added on $0.83 a month for the domain registration). If you can afford the annual or two year prepaids, HM/BH are up to $1 or $2 a month cheaper.

To me, they are all around the same price and the biggest differentiators are service, features, and usability.

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That’s a really thorough analysis; a lot more carefully prepared than my “quick look” at the other hosts’ offerings.

To me, they are all pretty much the same on the surface, but a $97.00 promocode savings on a one or two year prepay at DH makes it “cheaper” in that first one, or two, years. :slight_smile:


As my wife just pointed out to me, if you consider the $97 discount from promo codes, on a cashflow basis BH and HM only become cheaper after year 4. On an NPV basis it would knock off another $0.50 a month off your bill forever as cash or some other potentially larger amount if you chose extra domain registrations or the unique IP address options.

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I think you should keep her! You’ve got to love a partner that’s good with numbers and can spot a deal! :slight_smile:


The best couple. Strong IT background with strong financial background. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, guys! I will!

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And people that shop web hosts on price alone probably aren’t likely to stick it out for 4 years anyway.

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So customizable and flexible. With other hosts you only get FTP access, or you can’t write to your own directory, or you run as the same user as everyone else (www), or you only get a single database, or you only get one domain name, etc, etc. It’s always so restrictive.

With Dreamhost there are so few restrictions on what you can do; you have bandwidth, space, options for databases, security of being in your own account, the ability to create more accounts as you want, the ability to give each account permissions as you want, SSH access which is just awesome, run any conceivable type of script, etc, etc.

The only problem is that it goes through periods of instability and slowness. When your site takes a minute to load and is down every other day you curse Dreamhost, but when it’s running perfectly for months, as it is now, it’s the best host by far.

Not counting the disk space and bandwidth. Just the fact they provide full compiler access and the ability to rsync is sweet! You can use it to backup your own personal data offsite, or do your DH backups to another server.

I have been with tons of web hosting companies and noone comes close to DH.

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As the OP suggests, the blue guys (who are the same as the monster guys) provide very comparable services.

DreamHost is still my favorite, but I wouldn’t say that the features are overwhelmingly in favor of DreamHost.

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