What Kind of Software Do I need?



Right now I am signed up for google news alerts. I then paste (most of these) into my www.mobileoutreach.info site. I want to automate the procedure so I get news links to relevant articles on an ongoing basis.
Please advise on how to proceed.


Thanks. So this appears to be frowned upon. I would then like to get rss feeds to publish on my site (not Google). I only just figured out how a rss newsreader can subscribe to feeds and so I can read it. There should be a way to use these to publish on my site. Any thoughts on how to do that?



There are a myriad number of ways to do this, probably the easiest at present is the “one click” install of Joomla/Mambo available via the Control Panel.

In addition to reasonably good CMS functionality, there is a RSS newsfeed publishing module included in the basic installation.

Not having seen your site (URL?), I’m not sure what tools may be available to you, but I am sure that magpierss (Available on sourceforge.net) will offer you that capability. You will need to retrieve and install the software, and integrate the display into your site, but it is not really that difficult.

There is quite a bit of discussion, and some sample code, about this process in the thread found at http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_programming&Number=22415&page=&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1

toward the middle of the thread’s messages. There are likely other tools that may be easier to use on your site at http://www.hotscripts.com.


I just looked at the thread. It does look helpful. Seems like I should be checking out MagpieRSS and others. Very helpful.



Good Deal! BYW, I noticed in your posting (before the edit) that you are using Joomla. You probably do not need to implement the magpierss just to have the ability to publish *others’" rss feeds on your site, as the latest Joomla/Mambo releases “newsfeeds” components work well on DreamHost right :out of the box" :slight_smile:



Thanks. I now have to find out how to configure the component. If you know of a link to relevant instructions in the manual I would appreciate it. I feel I am getting closer to a solution!


The easiest way to figure out the parameters for the component is to "edit* one of the default newsfeeds included in the Joomla installation. You can see there how/where to include the url for the rssfeed you want to use, change the title, etc.



Apologies if I am muddying the waters here. I may have not correctly posed my question. I want to be able to search for news stories by topic, in this case mobile medical outreach programs, and display links to these articles automatically on my site.

I think this is a little different than finding a more general newsfeed say about health from the BBC and putting links to it on my site. Am I being clear?


Actually, it is a little different, but not much. You can do this easily enough if your news providers or aggregators allow you to build your own “feed” via a search. Yahoo news does this.

Just go to http://news.yahoo.com, and look down the page in the right-hand column till you find “News Services”, and beneath that you will find “News Via RSS”. Visit that link and you will find lots of instructions, and a search box where you can build your own “customized” RSS feed. Take the resulting URL, plug it into a “newsfeeds” item created via the Joomla newsfeeds component, and publish it… You are done!

Works similar in other services where you can “build your own feed”. Once you have the URL, you are home free!.