What is your uptime?

As a percentage please.

As I read the support forums there seem to be a lot of people posting that they are having problems/down time.

I’m interested as well, at least for an official ballpark range or average, if not a guarantee.

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I serve banner ids from one of my domains and there are times when the ads don’t show on another of my sites. Then I realize that my serving domain is “down”. Maybe 2-5 minutes per day. It’s just a guess and could be less often than 1 period like that per day.

It would be good if there were some official objective stats we could all review - it would only Dreamhost as I suspect a high % of people complain have caused their own problems.

Also you probably hear less from the people who are not down, so the perception can get skewed.

Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.

99.35% per host-tracker.com (have only been tracking with them since 9/3/05 though).