What Is Which?

The following was listed in my resources stats. Would someone tell me what resource “which” refers to? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it before.

Process CPU seconds user machine count averagewhich 0.1300 0.053% 0.001% 16 0.008Thanks in advance,


Try to run “man which” from the command line:

which - locate a command

which returns the pathnames of the files which would be executed in the current environment, had its arguments been given as commands in a strictly POSIC-conformant shell. It does this by searching the PATH for executable files matching the names of the arguments.

As an example if you run “which php” you get “/usr/local/bin/php”…

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If I run it from the command line, it’s going to tell me how it’s being used or what programs are connected to it? Sorry, I guess I’m not following but thank you for the post.


“man which” will tell you what kind of program “which” is, and how it’s being used. The description I posted was a part of the man page.

I guess there is no way to tell which program ran that command, but my guess would be some sort of installation script?!

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Installation…that explains it. I will try the man which on the command line next time I’m working. But I did install something so that’s probably what it was.

Thanks for your help!