What is VPS MySQL Server?


I am trying out VPS today and I noticed that there was an option to “Add a VPS MySQL Server”. What is the difference between this and the normal MySQL that came with my shared hosting? What costs are involved with setting up a VPS MySQL Server?

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I wounder the same thing.

Shared MySQL - The databases are hosted on a MySQL service that is shared amongst other customers as well. While on a shared hosting environment, the resources of the MySQL server and service are not guaranteed to one user, and thus there could be conflicts that occur between customers. We do our best to keep these hosting environments optimized. A typical MySQL service will allow up to 300 connections at one time, that total of connections being shared with other customers.

MySQL VPS - The databases are hosted on a MySQL service isolated from other customers. RAM is guaranteed for the customer. The customer will not share the 300 connection limit for their MySQL service, it’s all theirs. MySQL VPS is optimized with database query caching which is not in place on a shared MySQL platform.


Quick question please. When users add this up, does it come free along with the shared hosting package? Or is there an extra charge for adding this up?

Variable up charge. It’s the same regular VPS pricing, but should stay at the lower end I believe.

You do get a shared mySQL server free with shared hosting tho.