What is up with this trend?


Will apache fall below 50%? Below microsoft? Then what happens at DreamHost?

Who cares? DreamHost is committed to providing hosting based on open source software, and Apache is only one facet of that. I cannot see DreamHost adopting a closed-source web server like Microsoft’s IIS no matter how dominant it becomes. Microsoft has the lion’s share of operating systems in the world, yet DreamHost are using Debian Linux. The stats at Netcraft are essentially meaningless to all except a hungry Microsoft.

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I’m not a big fan of “market share” analysis in the web server space as its a little unclear to me what the right way is to count servers. I think it’s the case that Netcraft defines market share to be the number of sites using that web server rather than the actual number of installed servers. So shared servers get counted multiple times and a giant server cluster gets counted once. It’s unclear to me whether subdomains are counted.

It’s also interesting to question whether parked sites are counted in “market share”.

Looking at the graph and assuming that it has some validity, I can see that IIS increased its “market share” by 10% back when ActiveX was becoming popular but then declined back 10% over the next two years.

It’s “market share” then surged 15% between February 2006 and July 2006, leveling off for the next year before that little uptick this summer. I could possibly guess that this might be related to .NET 2.0, but who really knows. These “surges” are very suspicious to me.

BTW, a significant portion of the “decline” in Apache’s market share could be attributed to lighttpd, another open source web server, and to Google, which runs their own proprietary static web server for their basic hosting.

Hey, I have nothing against Microsoft. Their .NET framework is a very nice piece of software engineering and is enterprise-ready.

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I think it could have had something to do with GoD*ddy’s shift to IIS, particularly if “parked” or “under construction” domains are counted (and I believe they are). :wink:

As one "/."er put it at the time:

"[i]Watch Netcraft. Anytime Microsoft gets near the 20% mark a fresh deal is announced about some parked domains moving to IIS. They really can’t afford to drop into the teens and retain any credibility as a player in the server space so they spend whatever it takes to prevent it.

The more important number is Netcraft’s active domains number and IIS is only at about 25% there. That gives a better picture of where they stand. Take out their own massive net operations and those of their slaves (Dell, HP, heck, most everybody who sells PCs, software or who develops heavy on Windows) who use IIS because they fear the consequences of using anything else and it would really be pitiful.[/i]"

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Then again, who really knows? :wink: