What is too much load for DH?


I’m not seeing any threads which really discuss this, and I was curious. I’m currently running an image gallery which will probably grow to be pretty massive and resource-intensive. I was curious to what point will DH start complaining? They give us all of this disk space and bandwidth, but can we actually utilize it all without them complaining?

Also, they say they allow porn sites which would lead me to believe that they’re OK with image galleries with mass amounts of visitors…

Currently, my site has the following stats:

  • MySQL usage currently shows: ~3.300 MCn (Conqueries)
  • Disk Usage: ~600 MB
  • Bandwidth Usage: ~6 GB

I guess my ultimate question would be, have any of you had a site recently taken down because of it being too resource-intensive, and what were the stats on it?

***By the way, this is a SHARED hosting plan


They’ll let you know if your site is bogging down the server(s). My sites use a total of about 21 MCn per month. Bandwidth at about 6 GB. Disk usage is several gigs.

My stuff barely puts a dent in server resources. You’re not going to run out of disk or bandwidth anytime soon. The only worry would be a sudden burst (i.e. Slashdotting) of activity, but you won’t get terminated for that. Your SQL usage is really low right now.

The other resource is CPU, which is the primary reason sites get put on hold, at which point some of them need a Private Server with more resources available to a user. This is not really logged, but if a server is bogging down, and you’re the cause of it, they’ll suggest you track down the resource-intensive processes and streamline them, or move to PS.

Just keep an eye on your usage. Posting your stats helps others to respond to this post.




I´m wondering where can I find this stats about mysql? I beginning to learn about server stats, but don´t know anything about mysql stats.


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They’re in the Panel under Status:



Be careful when you move to PS. It maybe very difficult to go back.

Dreamhost has this algorithm that allocate idle memory for dhapache processes. At first I thought it was stupid. But then I see the genius behind it.

If memory is idle, why not use it? If it’s idle, it’ll be completely useless. But if it’s used, it can improve your sites’ performance a little bit. Of course, the memory is way over allocated, but only when there are plenty of idle memory that’s otherwise unused anyway.

However, the processes make it looks like you’re using too much memory and a techie can simply disallow you to go back based on that.

Moreover, unlike 60 minutes CPU time, Dreamhost doesn’t have a clear policy on allowable memory usage in shared server.

It happened to me.

At first I thought that I should move to PS and fix my stuff and go back. That way, if I create a bug in the process, I don’t disturb others. Well, I wouldn’t have found my bug if I didn’t go to PS. But the fact that I couldn’t go back make me very sad.

If dreamhost shared isn’t that good, I’ll probably just increase my hostgator purchase. Dreamhost shared is so good. So, I got into a heated argument with the techie, and now he’s very mad at me.

-ex very happy shared hosting customer