What is this - stats


Okay when I check my referer logs I end up with a whole bunch of this…

3: http://online-casino.6q.org/
1: http://valium.6q.org/
1: http://party-poker.6q.org/
1: http://craps.smsportali.net/
1: http://buy-viagra.6q.org/
1: http://www.theblackcloud.com/
1: http://generic-viagra.smsportali.net/
1: http://loans.smsportali.net/

What is this? And how do I get them to go away?

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker


That would be referrer spam. Just another wonderful form of spam. To get read of it, see this.



Oh, wow, I don’t remember ever having this problem before. Can you explain in greater detail? Or offer some websites for reference? I’m confused on what I should be doing.

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker


You can find all the sites you want by searching “Referrer Spam” in Google. Basically, spam sites add your link to their site, click it (thus entering their referrer entry into your logs), and delete your link. Not that I support spam, but it is pretty clever. The only way to get rid of it is to modify .htaccess by following the link I had previously posted. Or, you could set your daily stats to show all referrers and just ignore the spam ones.