What is the trick to getting email "reply-to" set correcty for comcast or aol emails?

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I am aware that Dreamhost does not allow you to set up a forwarding email address to any email addresses at comcast.net or aol.com, and I have worked around that pretty simply by forwarding the emails (that are sent to an address at @mydomain.com and destined for a comcast.net or aol.com address) to a gmail account and using a filter there that then forwards the email onto the comcast or aol email addresses. And this works fine when I know the comcast.net or aol.com is static and I know it is advance.

But, what I am stuck on is how to set up my contact form in a such a way as to work around this issue as well. I know that I need the “sender” of the email that is sent from my contact form to be an email address at mydomain.com. But, my question is, do I have to set the “reply-to” email address to an email address that is also at mydomain.com in order for the dreamhost to send it out at all? For example, is this possible? (it doesn’t seem to be working)

sender = "me@mydomain.com" (set by code in my contact form)
to = "me@mydomain.com" (set by code in my contact form)
reply-to = "you@yourdomain.com" - an address entered by the user that could very well be a comcast.net or aol.com email address, or any other email address.

If the above is not possible, how to do recommend I work around the comcast/aol issue to achieve the same end result?

Thanks for your help!

Nope! In fact the reply-to is how you work around the restriction :slight_smile: You’d have the reply to set to pull in the submitter’s email (so it’d be somethign like “reply-to = [email]” or whatever the code is for that plugin) and then you can just hit reply to email them back!


thanks for your suggestion this will helped me to sove my issue thanks again

thanks and regards 9apps vidmate

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