What is the smtp server setting?

I am new to DreamHost (DH), having subscribed to its web hosting service only last night.

I am stuck with a problem now. You see, I have a web form to allow my users to send feedback to an event organiser via email. I could do so with my previous web hosting provider because it provided me with an smtp email server account which I could enter into a SendEmail script. However, with DH, I can’t find the smtp server setting at all to configure my email script. I thought DH provides the smtp server as mentioned in the web hosting package?

Does anyone here know the smtp server setting (eg: hostname, etc) at DH? I need to address the problem urgently for a customer demo coming up in 2 days’ time. If DH does not have a smtp server at all, how else can I get one? Can I sign up and use the smtp server from another provider?

Please help!!!

Generally mail hostnames are mail.yourdomain.com

User : somebody@yourdomain.com
Pass: must be supplied


Your FROM header must match the smtp account you are logging into, and there are outbound mail quoto’s http://wiki.dreamhost.com/SMTP_quota