What is the Server Name (starting a forum)

I am using vbulletin to start a forum, and one of the questions is asks is what is the servername. What do I use? Also, when it asks for username and password, do I give them my FTP username and password? And finally, yesterday, FileZilla and SmartFTP worked, then I changed my ftp password a few hours ago, and only FileZilla works, and SmartFTP says that the login is incorrect.

Also, it asks for the database name, what would that be?

Database name = name you have given your forum database
Server name = your forum’s database host
User name and password = user name and password for your database

Hmm … it does not sound to me that you have set up a database for your forum yet–you will need to do that first.

You may find the following DreamHost Knowledge Base articles helpful:

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