What is the point of making $97 discount codes?

If you are affiliate with DH then you may know that creating a $97 OFF coupon gives to you exactly $0 earnings… so what is the point?

Thanks for explaining!!

A far as I can tell, only two reasons are traditionally given:

  1. Passing on a deal to others is more important than getting a financial reward for some people.

  2. Even if one gets no money from the initial referral, they can still earn a small ($5.00) reward from secondary referrals (those that are referred by the people who used the promo code).

Add to that the fact that there are so many $97 dollar referrals around, and many feel that a chance at $5.00 down the road is better than nothing - if they offered less, few are likely to user their promo code. That could have something to do with it. :wink:

There are others that offer almost the full $97, but keep back a dollar or two for themselves, which gives people who use those codes a way to reward the promo code offerer while still getting "almost the full $97 off.


There is also the point that if the code is only used for a monthly plan the max discount is less than $97. For example someone signs up for L1 gets a $50 discount I would get the remaining $47.

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That’s a very good point also, that I had forgotten about! Thanks! :slight_smile:


And then there are those of us who know who referred us (my friend at work). Whenever I get a referral he gets my secondaries.

For those who are tracking this, I’ve reached the “free dinner” level now and am working up to the “with bottle of wine” award.

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Hope I reach same with your level. :slight_smile:

So anybody mind to have my promotion code offer ? :wink:

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