What is the path I should use for CronTab?


I’m using Drupal and have set the Cron path to:


as per the wiki. But all the emails I get from Cron Daemon say:

sh: home/username/myurl.com/cron.php: No such file or directory

Which makes me think it isn’t working. That and you can see it isn’t since my twitter feed doesn’t update till I run cron manually through Drupal.



ls -l home/username/myurl.com/cron.php

what does it tell you? what is the permission on the file?


The message is now:

ls: cannot access home/mtpultz/climbtheboulders.com/cron.php: No such file or directory

The file permissions are 0644


Gotta have the leading frontslash I suspect


Awesome that did it. Thanks very much for the help :slight_smile:


Sorry I think I spoke too soon. It does send me an error anymore but it still doesn’t seem to be actually hitting cron.php since twitter still doesn’t update but the cron is definitely finding cron.php. Reading through some other notes I see things like wget and other commands so I looked up ls and that is just a directory listing command. What are the commands the come before my url to actually grab and run the cron.php page so it updates my feeds?

Thanks Martin[hr]

In case someone is equally as lost as I was here the full deal to run cron.php of a drupal install:
/user/local/php5/bin/php /home/username/yoururl.com/cron.php