What is the max # of users that can read/write?

The subject line wasn’t long enough to post my full question… But my question is, what is the max number of users that can be reading/writing to a single directory simultaneously on a shared hosting plan?

LOL. I don’t think subject lines are meant to be used to post full questions.

I’m not sure what you mean. Since DreamHost uses Linux, files and directories are owned by a single user and a single group. So any user belonging to the group can read/write given that the owner user has given permission. And with FTP a user is not able to access the files of another user. You can with shell and SSH2 though. You will not have a “super user”, again only a single user gets to set permissions on their own files and directories.

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Hm, I don’t mean shell or FTP users. I mean users of a website. I’m expecting a lot of users of my website to possibly be reading and writing to the same directory simultaneously (ex. mysite.com/images/) and I am wondering if it would be wise to split it up into multiple directories.

AFAIK, there is no real difference in having 50 users edit one directory while 50 users edit another vs. 100 working in one directory. As long as they are modifying different files (or you have some good merging scripts running), that shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe someone else can chime in with “real” limits, as I don’t know of any.

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