What is the max # of emails I can send out?

What is the maxiumum of emails that I can send out in the course of a day, or 24-hour period, on a normal Code Monster email account?

My wife needs to send out an announcement email to her 430 clients about six times a year. Whenever she tries to do it, at the 50-at-a-time max, she gets a “maximum quota” at some unknown level (we think it’s around 100). And then her email account becomes useless for a day. She’s obviously not a spammer (she’s a 62-year old movement teacher), and this is only to her clientelle.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

http://wiki.dreamhost.com/116_Common_Questions #49:

Suggests use announcement list with opt-in confirmations.

You can read about the limit here: Smtp-quota.

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announcement list works great for that purpose. It even prunes addresses that 5 bounce consecutive tries.


Hi Mezz,

What is “announcement list”? Where do I get it? Is it something you purchase, or is it part of DreamHost.

Also, what does "“5 bounce” mean.


thanks all for the replies!

What is SSH/SHELL. Do I have to purchase it separately? Is it something I set up on my site, or each particular email. Does it cost more.

Also, where do I find the “mailing list software” from DreamHost. I definitely would like to have it if it allows me to send more than 100 emails per hour.

Again, she rarely needs to send 100 emails a day let alone 100 per hour. It’s just when she needs to send out the monthly schedule of events.

Again, thanks for all thes responses. My apologies for not understanding much of the lingo or what each of these items are.



SSH/Shell is provided, no extra charge. You turn on for user in panel.

Announce Lists are in panel too, under “Mail”:


Altaf, I think I’ve found what you’re referring to. It’s under Manage Users: User Account Type. There are three radio buttons to choose from: FTP, SFTP, and Shell Account. Do I select Shell Acount?

Will that simple selection allow me to then send out 200 emails an hour? Are there any cons to choosing that over the FTP?

I figured it out: selecting Shell Account doesn’t change anything. It just adds double the amount of emails that you can send out each hour, to 200. I’ve gone ahead and changed all my accounts to this Shell Account. Other that doubling the emails, everything else works the same as FTP.