What is the difference btw the web hosting offer and dedicated

Hi all !

Dreamhost offers unlimited TB space to host the website + unlimited BW.
I’d like to know the difference with hosting my website on a dedicated server, which would cost much more than your main web hosting offer. thanks for your kind support !

Is it really unlimited like storing up to like a few TB of datas ?

here below (http://www.dreamhost.com/unlimited.html), dreamhost says “we’re not having any”. what do they refer to with any ?

[i]"Actually, for you, my dear Legitimate Website Owner, it is unlimited.

This whole page is just to announce to the <.1% of people who want to try and run free porn affiliate sites or anime video trading forums or host pirated rips of The Dark Knight on DreamHost that we’re not having any."[/i]

They also say they dont allow to do the following :
“File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution sites”

why would i need unlimited storage + BW if i cant neither share files, nor let users upload content (well, that’s web 2.0) ?
if i dont store any content such as videos/pics, why would i need unlimited ? i will eventually need like 100MB max…

well…that’s a lot of promises (like the free registration offer that has many underlying conditions) that sound quite fake, that i dont feel like being a customer with dreamhost, but go to godaddy instead for instance, as i’ve heard good things from them.
I mean i feel cheated before even subscribing to anything with Dreamhost.

I am not looking for the cheapest ever and/or most unlimited ever web hosting plan, i am looking for a good customer service and good quality service.

I Thank you who can help to answer my questions and concerns ! :wink:

What are you planning to host? That’s the real question. So long as you have a legitimate need for lots of storage / bandwidth, we can provide that. If you just plan on using us as a file dump (especially if it’s for content that you don’t legally have the right to distribute), though, we can’t provide that.

Simple enough?

Hi andrewf.

I am basically looking for a webhoster, and to answer your concern, I dont intend to host or exchange pirated movies such as the dark knight.
I am trying to understand your offer, and I have to say I dont really understand what you offer. that’s why i am asking here.

And I try to understand your unlimited hosting plan. Someone would go for a dedicated server, if he has big traffic requirements for his website and requires a big space to store his datas.
That costs from around 100$ to up to 500$ per month.

You propose a dedicated server for 69$ per month. Now i’d like to know what is the point going for that option when you say you can offer unlimited space to store datas + unlimited BW, all that for as little as 9$/month.

As a customer, I just want to know what I am buying.

I have another comment : you say you cant provide unlimited ressources in terms of storage/BW if it’s for sharing copyrighted stuff. Do you mean that in the case someone hosts stuff that has copyrights, if the guy who has the copyright complains for copyrights infringement, dreamhost customer will not be impacted? in other terms, that dreamhost is responsible for the content that its customers host ?

Thanks for you reply !

[quote=“annyeong56, post:3, topic:53540”]
Hi andrewf.

I am basically looking for a webhoster, and to answer your concern, I dont intend to host or exchange pirated movies such as the dark knight.[/quote]

All right, but what are you intending to host? I really can’t tell you whether our hosting is appropriate for you without some idea of what you’d be doing with it.

We impose some restrictions on what you may host with us, but the ultimate responsibility for them lies with you.

Storage and bandwidth are not usually the limiting resources these days. A whole lot of personal pictures and home movies can fit on one hard drive, and ISP networks can handle the transfers.

Where modern websites get bogged down typically is in CPU use time. Dynamic pages are built on variables that have to be cross-referenced in databses. User input has to be written to the drive and pages have to be re-created on every request so they are completely up to date.

So for most of the world’s websites, a shared hosting plan will suffice. But if you’re talking about having lots of simultaneous users who are interacting and changing a dynamic site in real time and high frequency, it will start to run slow and probably eventually crash. When a site gets to that point, it basically needs more RAM and CPU time just like if you were trying to play a later generation video game on an underpowered computer. Basically, VPS and dedicated plans are equivelent to having fewer websites per machine, and at the high end ($500-$600/mo etc) using more expensive computers with quad core 3.2hz etc… dedicated to a single user.

About the legal questions, Dreamhost or really any host in the U.S.A. will not help to facilitate illegal activities. If they get a complaint, they have the choice of taking financial responsibility or cutting you off. They will cut you off for the sake of the rest of their law-abiding customers! If you have a problem with that, take it up with the politicians (seriously, they suck!)