What is the difference between dreamhost and dreamhostapps


I have a blog and forum running on dreamhostapps which i’m not paying anything for. The URLs are included below. I’m starting to realize that if I need to install any basic plugin that I really need, i’m not able to do it. So, if I understand it right, if I upgrade to dreamhost instead of dreamhostapps, I would have complete access to customizing my blog and add whatever plugins I want to my wordpress? Because when I go to dreamhost.com, it doesn’t mention anything about the apps. I’m looking to upgrade because it’s really worth it and I don’t want to lose the content on my blog and forums if I upgrade. Please let me know.


DreamHost has all the apps that DHA has. If you pay for hosting here, be sure to use the Advanced One-Click installs. That will give you FTP access to your site and you’ll be able to upload your own themes and plugins.

I know that if you pay for hosting and use the Easy one-click, like on DHA, you can retain your database. In your case, you’ll have to contact Support to get them to migrate your data to your paid account.